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Our company is the market leader in producing and selling polyurethane laminated fabrics (available both pure and compounded of fashionable colours) and their respective accessories.
Polyurethane is a synthetic resin with low gas absorption, high chemical resistance and excellent electrical insulation.

For textile market needs polyurethane can be processed in two different ways:
  • by forcing fluid into apposite holes: extruded polyurethane
  • by calendaring fluid: laminated polyurethane
Polyurethane, both extruded and laminated, is produced in rolls.
The extruded ones are rather irregular and slightly opaque; sometimes they have small bubbles on surface.

Laminated rolls are instead transparent, shiny and soft thanks to their thickness of 0,15 mm (extruded rolls are 0,20 - 0,25 mm thick).

Such a thin thickness ensures also a better perspiration (one of the most important features in the clothing industry) maintaining low liquid absorption; moreover it makes the "fabric" particularly elastic and suitable for a large range of applications: clothing, trinkets, shower curtains, umbrellas, table cloths… fantasy, that's the limit!

Many of our clients are well-known in underwear and beachwear fashion: our production has become a key element in their collections.

Fashion is not only underwear: our practical, fashionable and technically advanced fabric is in fact appropriate for other different kinds of clothing, such as evening dresses and ready-to-wear garments.

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